Why Does The Back Of My Heel Hurt? | 4 Causes And Precautions

Why Does The Back Of My Heel Hurt? | 4 Causes And Precautions

With an increase in weight gain issues in adults, many people are susceptible to health related issues that arise because of an increase in weight. 

Many people face heel pain in their everyday life and they don’t know why their heel experiences pain. In many situations, it occurs because of a drastic change in everyday lifestyle or performing a certain task or activity that causes heel hurt problems.

Also, changes in eating habits give rise to weight gain problems. As a result, it indirectly promotes heel pain problems. In all the cases, the root cause of heel pain is because of pressurizing the heels by performing dynamic activities.

For women, wearing heels can create heel pain problems. The reason being, the design of the heel makes the leg rest in an unusual manner And if one is not used to it, then it can give rise to a painful sensation in the foot

Others problem arises Because of Heel pain

Heel pain is the most annoying pain among all, as it restricts movements. In most cases, it completely restricts the mobility of an individual. Even if one tries to take some effort and try to move, it creates a situation which is more painful than anything else.

If the cause of the heel pain is serious and one does not treat it on time, then it can create a long-term problem. The problem could be, one may find it difficult to complete their daily activity and have to depend on others for getting things done. 

And no one wants to be in this situation. Right ?

The worst impact of having heel pain is that it affects the way one stands and walks.

Why Does The Back Of My Heel Hurt | wearing heel give rise to heel pain

This pain in the heel makes it difficult to balance, which can give invitations to other injuries. That is the reason heel pain should be considered serious and should be treated with the highest priority.  

Why Does The Back Of My Heel Hurt | Common Cause Of Heel Pain

The most likely place for heel pain is under the heel bone and another common place is the back of the heel. Let’s understand the different causes which give rise to this pain in the heel.

  • Achilles tendinitis

Here, a person will experience pain in the lower back of the leg or above the heel after performing a physical activity such as running and other sport activity. One will specifically experience pain in the tendon that attaches to the calf muscles.

This is because of overusing the injured Achilles tendon, which is especially common in runners who are involved in intense running activity during their practice sessions. 

One will initially experience mild pain in the back of the leg or above the heel while performing physical activity, but it gets serious with time. One should go to a doctor if the pain is consistent around the Achilles tendon.

  • Plantar fasciitis

One gets to experience this stabbing pain in the foot near the heel while taking the first step in the morning. 

This creates a painful situation, as it gets triggered when one takes the first step. This also gets triggered when one stands at one place for a long time or when one gets up after sitting at one place for a long time. 

One major cause of plantar fasciitis is pressuring the feet, which can lead to damaging the plantar fascia ligaments.

  • Bursitis

Bursitis occurs when part of the body, specifically a joint, gets involved in a repetitive motion.

Shoulder, elbow and hip are some common places where this bursitis occurs; sometimes, it can even occur at the knee, heel and base of the toe

One gets to experience this pain; when one moves or presses that area. As a result, it creates an ache or stiffness in that area.

  • Bone Fracture

This is the most serious cause of heel pain. If someone’s heel gets damaged while performing some activity and if one neglects these tiny cracks in the bone, it can even lead to big problems, therefore in this situation, one should get urgent care and treatments.

Osteoporosis is another reason which promotes bone fracture. Here bones get weak, and as a result, there is a greater probability that the bone may fracture when one applies pressure beyond its capacity that it can hold.

When is the right time to approach a doctor?

When one experiences heel pain, the first thing anyone will do is go for a home remedy. But, if the cause of pain is so serious that one should not wait for anything, just go to the doctor and get medical treatment.

Many people make this big mistake. When things get too bad, they remember their doctor. This should not be the situation. If you are continuously experiencing serious pain in your heel, then go to your doctor immediately.

The treatment of heel pain mostly depends on the cause which leads to this pain. There is no sense in going for the wrong treatment, as it can make the situation even worse. Therefore, it is always better to consult a professional health care provider.

Here are some situations where one must directly visit a doctor. So they can make the right decision to diagnose it, to improve this painful situation.

  • Foot discoloration
  • Heel pain gets worse during the night 
  • Swelling in heels
  • Sudden pain in the heel
  • Can’t walk or stand because of heel pain.
  • Difficulty in bending feet and pain while standing on the toe.
  • The pain has been going on for more than a week

When one approaches a doctor, the doctor will examine your condition and may ask several questions like : 

  • Are you experiencing pain in one heel or both heels?
  • Does this pain arise after performing a specific activity, or does it occur during a particular period?
  • How long have you been experiencing this condition?

Apart from that, the doctor will also ask several questions related to this heel pain problem and your medical history. Sometimes doctors can also ask you to go for a blood test or x-ray.

Precautions to avoid heel pain problems.

In most cases, heel pain arises because of our negligence, and accepting bad habits in lifestyle. Here are some healthy habits that one can incorporate if one wants to avoid this heel pain.

  • Wear shoes that go well with your feet.
  • Wear the right feet and comfortable shoes while doing physical activity.
  • Perform stretching and warm-up before starting any exercise.
  • Get the right amount of rest when you experience pain in the body part.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and know your BMI (Body mass index).
  • Adopt healthy lifestyles and healthy diets.


Most of the time people don’t know why the back of their heel hurts. In many situations they take this pain for granted, thinking it will disappear in one or two days.

There are many reasons which can give rise to this heel pain, some of them could be: Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, bone fracture, etc.

This pain badly affects the person as they are not able to perform their daily tasks. Even having this pain for a long time majorly affects the way one stands and walks.

Therefore, if you happen to discover this pain is residing for a longer time. Then go for the doctor’s advice so that the doctor can take the right treatments at the right time to get you out of this difficult situation.

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