Top Mental Health fitness or CBT Apps in 2023

Top Mental Health fitness or CBT Apps in 2023 – In today’s fast-paced life people invest so much time and effort in maintaining their physical health but sadly taking care of one’s mental health doesn’t always make it into the priority list. Let’s face the bitter truth. Even though people have started opening up about their struggles with mental health, the stigma surrounding it has still not disappeared. Society still shies away from discussing serious topics like suicide and depression in an open and honest way. Mental disorders are seen by most as something to be afraid of, to be hidden, or to be ashamed of. 

Taking effective steps to heal your mental health and incorporating self-care rituals into your daily life should be non-negotiable. But as important as it is to take care of your mental health, it can also be hard to reach out for help when you find yourself struggling. Being vulnerable takes a lot of strength, and opening up to others can be challenging. In times like these where human interactions can seem daunting, taking the assistance of a virtual helper can prove to be doable. In today’s times, anything is possible with the help of artificial intelligence, even effective management of one’s mental health fitness Therefore let’s have a look at the top mental health fitness CBT apps in 2023.



This particular app is a popular choice among those looking for a fun and effective way to tackle daily stressors. Happify uses science-based games and activities as a means of helping people reduce negative thoughts and overcome stress. Developed under the care of leading experts, this app is a great way to manage your stress. It is available for download for free both for android and iOS.


Headspace is an excellent app for destressing. After a long exhausting day where nothing seemed to have gone right, one is often in search of some peace. With the help of Headspace, you can now let go of the burden of a stressful day by diving into any of their skillfully curated collection of guided meditations. The CBT apps in 2023 is free and available for download on the Play store and Apple store.

CBT – i Coach 

CBT  or cognitive behavioural therapy is a kind of therapy technique that involves breaking down the complexity of your mental state into smaller parts through the means of talking. By bringing this therapy technique onto a virtual platform the CBT-i Coach is best suited for people who struggle with insomnia. With the help of this app, people can focus on improving their sleeping patterns, and work on developing a healthy sleeping structure.

Better Help 

Better Help is a useful mental health fitness management app. It helps you get connected with a licensed therapist virtually thus making professional help highly accessible. The app gives access to over 20,000 trained professionals who are experienced in providing counselling and therapy in a wide range of areas.


Sanvello is a great app to have on your phone as your self-care buddy. This app provides one with numerous outlets from meditation to mood tracking to help one deal with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Not only is the app easy to use and customizable but it is available for free for both android and iOS users. 

In Conclusion – Mental Health fitness

Dealing with mental health issues can be challenging and extremely isolating. Therefore to make this journey easier on yourself, reaching out for help is crucial. Mental health fitness apps can provide you with company and guidance in times when human interaction feels overwhelming. From highly nuanced chatbot to effective DCBT apps, mental health apps can open up new avenues for healing. 

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