Why running outside is better than on a treadmill

Why running outside is better than on a treadmill

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your physical and mental health is to perform a simple walking or running exercise as running outside is better as compared to running inside.

There are numerous ways running can improve your overall health. Running can reduce stress, improve heart health, and can even help you come out from depression.

You don’t always have to go for long distance running sessions. Even 5 to 10 minutes of running outside can add significant results to your overall health. Many people don’t know whether going outside for the running session is an advantage or whether running on the treadmill is efficient.

There is no right or wrong to the above confusion. Both approaches have their pros and cons. You should choose the approach that best suits your needs.

Running activities: Outside Or Inside?

Most people take the wake up call very late in their life : “That they need to take their health seriously”. And the first thing they do is : To take the gym membership. And they continue their routine for a couple of days. And later, they start looking for an alternative. Some find morning jogging and walking a good approach to their problem.

And, when they decide that, they have to practice running, this opens up two options for them. They can either go for outside running or inside running. Each approach has its own pros and cons. 

Pros and cons of running outside and running on a treadmill.

Running on the treadmill

Pro of Running on the treadmillCons of Running on the treadmill
Can prevent several injuries which you can get when you are running outside.Not all muscles get worked
You can train yourself well by setting different types of trails or terrainsRunning on the treadmill is boring
You can even perform small tasks like listening to music or podcasts.You can only run in one single direction i.e forward. You can’t take turns
Don’t have to worry about the weather and outside temperature.You either need to have a gym membership or you should have your own equipements
You can set the speed and time as per your convenience. Even though running on a treadmill is considered safe. You can still get hurt if you do the treadmill exercise the wrong way.
You don’t need to consistently look forward. Since you already know what your next step is going to be.

Running outside 

Pro Of Running Outside Cons Of Running Outside 
Help boost coordination and balanceYou need to consistently look forward to your running path. Otherwise, you can end up getting injured.
Running outside is always exciting and refreshing.Running outside at night can be dangerous.
You don’t need to have a gym membership or expensive equipment. You can run anywhere you wantRunning outside is not secure if you have any health related problems
You can run with your favourite pet like a dog.It can be dangerous as there is a greater chance of falling and there is also a threat of cars, cycles and dogs attacking you.
You can run with your pace and speed. Here you are deciding the speed at which you have to run on the street.Running outside is boring too. If you don’t have a partner along with you
You get to enjoy outside nature and fresh air.
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Why running outside is better | Top 5 benefits.

No one likes being trapped in one particular area, everyone likes to be free and open space to live and to enjoy. Running inside with the help of a treadmill can be suffocating for some people but for some people it could be an advantage. 

In other words, whether to go for inside running using a treadmill or to go for outside running totally depends on person to person based on their Liking and Busy schedule.

Here are some of the reasons most people prefer to go for outside running. Here you will get reasons and the benefit, why one should consider going for outside running over running on the treadmill.

Exposing ourselves to a fresh environment

It is no wonder that when you expose yourself to the outside peaceful nature. You not only get blessed with physical health but also you could benefit with mental health

Consuming fresh morning natural air helps you improve your blood pressure and heart rate. Apart from that, it strengthens your immune system and sharpens your brain, which helps you to think clearly and cleverly.

Running outside is fun:

When you run on the treadmill it’s like you’re running alone on a single track, and there is no one that you can talk to and share your thoughts while running. For most people it’s too boring especially if they are a beginner.

On the other end, when you run outside you always have a number of people that you can make friends with too, share your experiences, and have that friendly laugh. 

It’s not expensive:

Yes, you heard me right, running inside is expensive as compared to running outside. The reason being, when you’re deciding to go for inside running, you should have access to a treadmill.

The solution to this problem is either you should have a treadmill of yourself or you should have gym membership. In both cases, you have to pay a big chunk of money. 

And if you consider going for an outside running session, you just need to have good running shoes along with other accessories which you can buy as per your choices.

Burn more calories:

When you run on the treadmill you just run on a straight path without much worry about the obstacle or any other objects. But on the other hand, when you carry out outside running, you have to constantly look for your path and the obstacle on the track. 

And during this session sometimes you also have to take turns and change your pace. This helps you burn more calories as compared to other running options.

Activate more muscle:

Running on a treadmill is like running on a straight linear path, which doesn’t involve much of your body parts apart from hands and legs. Meanwhile, running outside involves more muscle activation. 

The debate between running outside vs treadmill will be never ending, as both have its pros and cons. One may find particular Pros more valuable as compared to the cons it provides. It totally depends on person to person.

Problem faced while running outside and how to tackle them?

Let’s look at the problems that you may face if you prefer to go for outside running rather than treadmill and we’ll also see how we can tackle all of this problem and make our running outside session a more peaceful one.

No reason to go:

This is the common yet the most frequent problem which is faced by the majority of people when they are specially a beginner. The root cause of this problem is lack of motivation

The best and most efficient way to handle this kind of problem is to either understand the importance of running on our overall health and taking things seriously.

Another alternative solution which you can try out if the above one does not seem to work for you. It is to have a running partner. Yes, having a running partner along with you not only pushes you to do more but also motivates you when you feel like giving up on things. 

Feeling Trusty :

The water we consume gets thrown out of our body in the form of sweat and urine. In-order to avoid dehydration we should consistently replace this water with freshwater.  

It is obvious that when you perform any physical activities you will feel trusty. And in-order to avoid it, the simplest solution is to carry a water bottle along with you.

Body pain:

Pain is obvious, when you do something for the first time or practice something tough, you will feel pain and suffering. This is common if you are a beginner. In this situation, you can try out these tips in-order to make your running session a peaceful one

Difficulty breathing :

This is another problem reported by most runners. Most of the time this is the initial sign of the problem. If you are having any breathing problems. You should consult your family doctor or your regular doctor’s advice.

Running does not just involve you going from one place to another, it also involves running with proper technique

Conclusion :

Going for an outside running session involves your full attention as compared to running indoors. Running outside is better since you get countless benefits. As it involves more muscle activation, it helps you train your overall body well.

Outdoor running activity is more fun and joyful as you get to experience the peaceful outside natural beauty along with that you also get to breathe the fresh and clean air. 

Having all such advantages, it is not possible for all to go for outdoor activity because of several reasons. Maybe it could be a security, busy schedule, etc. Let us know what other problems you face when going for a run. 

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