Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills: An In-depth Comparison 

Are you on the hunt for a home treadmill that suits your fitness goals and lifestyle? With countless brands and models available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

Sole Vs Bowflex treadmills have emerged as market leaders, earning the trust of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. These brands promise durability, performance, and high-tech features to take your workouts to the next level. But how do you decide which one is right for you?

Imagine having a treadmill at home that is robust, reliable, and aligns with your fitness goals perfectly. One that can deliver not just a good workout, but a great one, every time. Whether it’s Sole’s reputation for sturdy construction and superior warranty or Bowflex’s innovative features and workout versatility, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Dive into our detailed comparison of Sole Vs Bowflex treadmills, tailored to give you a comprehensive understanding of what each brand has to offer.

 Let’s find the ideal treadmill that will keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness aspirations.

Sole – Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills

Founded over two decades ago, Sole Fitness quickly gained recognition for its high-quality treadmills. Originally catering to hotel chains, they branched out into the home fitness market with treadmills renowned for their durability and premium build. The Sole F80, one of their most popular models, showcases Sole’s commitment to quality and performance.

Sole Treadmill Features – Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills

  1. Sole treadmills typically come with powerful motors ranging from 2.5 CHP to 4.0 CHP, providing smooth and consistent speed adjustments. The Sole F80, for instance, comes with a 3.5 CHP motor.
  2. The incline range in Sole models varies from 0% to 15%, while speed can range from 0.5 to 12 mph, thus catering to both walkers and runners.
  3. Most Sole treadmills offer generous running surfaces, up to 22″ x 60″, facilitating a comfortable stride.
  4. The LCD displays are easy to read, and most models include Bluetooth connectivity for syncing with fitness apps.
  5. Additional features include heart rate monitoring, custom programs, cooling fans, and a sound system.


  1. Durable and robust build
  2. Quiet and powerful motors
  3. Excellent warranty coverage


  1. Fewer tech features compared to Bowflex
  2. Limited incline range 

3 Top-Rated Sole Treadmills:

After analysing more than 12 sole treadmills, we have shortlisted these three sole treadmills for you: 

  1. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill
Sole F80

The Sole F80 is a popular choice due to its blend of powerful performance and durability. This treadmill is equipped with a robust 3.5 CHP motor, offering speeds up to 12 mph. The spacious 22″ x 60″ running surface is paired with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology, reducing impact by up to 40% compared to outdoor running. The treadmill has an easy-to-use console with a 9″ LCD display and features like Bluetooth speaker compatibility, USB port, and integrated tablet holder. With its lifetime warranty on frame and motor, the F80 stands out for its reliability and quality.

  1. Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill
Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill

The F63 is an excellent entry-level foldable treadmill by Sole, known for its value for money. It has a 3.0 CHP motor, providing speeds up to 12 mph and incline levels up to 15%. Its running surface is slightly smaller than the F80 at 20″ x 60″, but it still offers a comfortable workout experience. The console features a 6.5″ LCD display, Bluetooth audio speakers, a USB charging port, and a device holder. While it lacks some of the advanced features of more expensive models, the F63’s strong build quality and user-friendly design make it a great choice for beginners and budget-conscious users.

  1. Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill
Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non Folding Treadmill 1

The Sole TT8 is a high-end, non-folding treadmill designed for light commercial use and demanding home users. It’s powered by a 4.0 CHP motor, ensuring smooth and consistent performance at speeds up to 12 mph and incline levels up to 15%. The treadmill offers an impressive running surface of 22″ x 60″. The console boasts a 9″ TFT LCD display, Bluetooth compatibility, and an integrated sound system. The TT8’s combination of commercial-grade quality, advanced features, and exceptional performance makes it a top-tier choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Remember, it’s always recommended to check the latest customer reviews and ratings on Amazon before making a purchase to ensure the product meets your specific requirements and expectations.

Bowflex – Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills

Established in 1986, Bowflex rose to fame with their innovative home gym equipment. Their treadmills are applauded for their smart tech integrations and versatile workout options. The Bowflex Treadmill 22, a favored model, exemplifies Bowflex’s focus on delivering a tech-savvy, comprehensive workout experience.

Bowflex Treadmill Features

  • Bowflex treadmills, such as the Bowflex Treadmill 22, feature robust motors of 3.75 CHP or more.
  • Unique to Bowflex is the impressive incline range of -5% to 20%, allowing for downhill running simulations. Speeds reach up to 12 mph, ensuring high-intensity workouts.
  • The spacious running area is similar to Sole’s, measuring up to 22″ x 60″.
  • A standout feature is Bowflex’s immersive full-color touchscreen display, offering connectivity to the JRNY™ app for personalized workouts and coaching.
  • Other features include heart rate monitoring, numerous workout programs, and a built-in sound system.


  1. Advanced tech features and connectivity
  2. Greater incline and decline range


  1. Higher price point
  2. Shorter warranty compared to Sole

3 Top-rated Bowflex treadmills:

After an extensive research, we have shortlisted these 3 top rated Bowflex treadmills:

  1. Bowflex Treadmill 22

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 is a premium, top-of-the-line treadmill that sets a high standard for home fitness equipment. It features a powerful 4.0 CHP motor, capable of speeds up to 12 mph, and offers a unique -5% to 20% incline/decline range for diverse workout options. The spacious running surface measures 22″ x 60″. Its standout feature is a 22″ HD touchscreen display that integrates with the JRNY™ app for personalized coaching, real-time feedback, and on-demand workouts. If advanced tech features, robust performance, and versatile workout options are your top priorities, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 is a fantastic choice.

  1. Bowflex Results Series Treadmill

The Bowflex Results Series Treadmill is a mid-range model with impressive capabilities. Its 3.5 CHP motor supports speeds up to 12 mph, and the treadmill offers a standard incline range of 0% to 15%. The running area measures 20″ x 60″, suitable for most users. The console features a backlit LCD screen for easy reading, while Bluetooth connectivity allows syncing with the Results Series app and other popular fitness apps. This treadmill stands out for its blend of performance and connectivity at a more accessible price point.

  1. Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

The BXT116 features 2.75″ rollers, larger than most residential treadmills. These larger rollers reduce bearing wear, require less belt tension, and contribute to a longer belt lifespan. The quality of the belt was a welcome surprise. It’s triple-ply, providing greater longevity and resistance to wear compared to the 1 or 2 ply belts typically found in less expensive models. You will appreciate the easy-release folding system. With just a press of a red button, the treadmill’s deck easily and safely lowers, a vast improvement over the traditional systems requiring awkward kicking or pushing. The treadmill comes with an arm-worn heart rate monitor that’s surprisingly accurate. The real-time readout on the screen is a convenient feature. 

The BXT116 operates very quietly. It’s a big plus for those who need to exercise without disturbing others. The warranty offered by Bowflex is what I would expect from a treadmill in this price range. Although not very powerful, still it justifies its job. 

Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills: A Detailed Comparison

Here is a quick comparison on Sole Vs Bowflex treadmills in terms of various features: 

  1. Durability and Construction

Known for their robust construction, Sole treadmills are often recognized for their durability. With a heavy-duty steel frame and high-quality parts, Sole treadmills are designed to withstand rigorous use and tend to last longer. Bowflex treadmills also exhibit solid construction. While they may not be as heavy-duty as Sole treadmills, Bowflex models integrate durable components and offer steady and stable workouts.

  1. Performance

Sole treadmills feature powerful motors that ensure smooth and consistent performance. They can accommodate walkers and runners alike, and the machines operate quietly, a feature appreciated by many users. Bowflex treadmills boast powerful motors and unique features like decline and extra-high incline options, which can result in more versatile and intense workouts.

  1. Technology and Features

Sole treadmills provide necessary tech features such as Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitoring, built-in speakers, cooling fans, and a variety of workout programs. However, they don’t focus heavily on advanced tech integrations. Bowflex excels in providing cutting-edge tech features. High-end models like the Bowflex Treadmill 22 offer a full-color touchscreen display, interactive coaching through the JRNY™ app, real-time feedback, and on-demand workouts.

  1. Price

Sole treadmills typically fall in a moderate price range, making them a cost-effective choice for those looking for durable and reliable treadmills without needing advanced tech features. Bowflex treadmills, due to their advanced features, often come with a higher price tag. However, they offer high value for the price due to their technology integrations and versatile workout options.

  1. Warranty

Sole shines in this category by offering one of the best warranties in the fitness industry, which covers lifetime coverage on frame and motor, 5 years on parts, and 2 years on labor. Bowflex offers a decent warranty, though it isn’t as extensive as Sole’s. They typically provide a 15-year frame warranty, 5 years for the motor, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor.

To sum it up, if you prioritize sturdy construction, excellent warranty, and fundamental features, a Sole treadmill might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you desire advanced tech features, workout versatility, and don’t mind spending a bit more, a Bowflex treadmill would be a suitable choice.

Conclusion – Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills

The choice between Sole Vs Bowflex Treadmills ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If durability and a strong warranty appeal to you, a Sole treadmill, like the Sole F80, might be your ideal choice. On the other hand, if tech features and workout versatility top your list, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 would be a worthy contender.

Remember, the best treadmill is the one that gets you moving and helps you achieve your fitness goals. As you weigh your options, consider what aspects of a treadmill are most crucial to you – be it budget, space, workout intensity, or tech integration.

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