5+ ways to save water in daily life at home

5+ ways to save water in daily life at home

Water is the most valuable resource that everyone is blessed with and we should respect this resource that mother nature provides to us by not wasting it. That is the reason why everyone must know how to save water in daily life?

Saving water does not mean you should severely restrict yourself from water consumption. If you do that then it will not be the right way to utilize renewable resources. 

Saving water in everyday life includes making minor changes to your day-to-day water usage activity which will eventually lead to the saving of this valuable groundwater. And it is the simplest way to save water.

There are some water treatment systems that help us in maintaining the drinking water level. But, in water-saving treatment, only the amount of water that we drink gets recycled approximately. 

If that is the case then, what about the rest of the water that we utilize in our day to life? The water that we use for cleaning our bike, car, clothes, or while taking a bath? 

Why Saving water should be considered serious.

According to the WHO(world health organization) by 2025, there will be around half of the world population will be living in water-stressed areas. 

Even though water is a renewable resource, which means that water gets recycled through the process of the hydrological cycle. We still have to understand the seriousness of saving it. 

Nowadays, we are consuming more renewable resources as compared to what is being available for us to use. As a result, it creates an imbalance of what is being provided to us and how much we are allowed to use.

The hydrological cycle is the process that involves one complete cycle to provide that clean drinking water that we can drink. In order to complete this whole cycle, it has to complete each step that is involved in the hydrological cycle

And in that one important process is precipitation. The process through which the water that has evaporated falls back on land from clouds. 

But, nowadays the climate is unpredictable and all the individual processes of natural recycling of water depend on each other. And, this creates a major concern that we should use these resources carefully.

The problem is we don’t understand the seriousness of saving water and therefore we don’t take preserving water seriously. 

How to save water in daily life

As we already discussed, saving water doesn’t completely restrict us from using it. It simply means adopting simple habits that will help to reduce the wastage of water and carefully monitor water consumption

Similar to time, water is also a precious asset and everyone has to understand its importance. Below are some of the simplest acts/habits you can incorporate into your everyday lifestyle, in order to save water and preserve it for the future.

Properly working Taps and pipes

There is no doubt, Tap is the ultimate controller through which water flow is controlled in most of the people’s houses. And if someone has dripping taps then this can lead to the loss of a surprising amount of water

Also, similar results we will get to experience if we have a pipe leakage, and if we notice such a problem, the first thing which you have to do is to repair it. 

Turn off water flow when not required:

Once you have a properly functioned Tap. The next biggest change you have to adopt is shutting down the flow of the tap when you don’t require it. 

Lots of water gets wasted and flows out unnecessarily while shaving, brushing, cleaning plates, or utensils. Therefore, stop yourself from committing such silly mistakes when you already know how water is important to every human being.

Short shower

This is another place where lots of groundwater gets washed away very easily. So make sure you keep your shower or bath session a bit shorter. Allowing the rest of the water to be used for other important household activities.

Ways To Save Water In Daily Life At Home | Short shower

Avoid regular watering of the lawn

Most people prefer watering their lawn every single day. But those grasses don’t require water to be poured every single day. Even if you water them weekly or keep a gap of 2-3 days will be more than sufficient. Watering the field daily will only lead to a waste of water.

Also, if you water your plant in the early morning, it will be good for those plants. During the morning time, in most areas the climate is cool, and when someone pours water in the morning this allows the water to go down to the roots of the plants, allowing plants to better utilize the water for further processes. 

Otherwise, on the other hand when you pour the water at odd timing. when the sun is up in the sky or when the surrounding is hot enough, the water will evaporate in the air. All your effort in watering the plant will be nullified.

Using a broom instead of a hose that takes gallons of water to clean off

We all have a car or a bike for daily transport purposes. And we all like our bikes to be clean and clear just like our clothes. Because of that, we regularly clean our vehicles. 

There are two ways we can clean our vehicle, one way is using a broom and cleaning it which takes less water. Another approach is to use a hose to clean the dirt on the vehicle. Which required an excessive amount of water.

And going for a second approach will only allow you to waste lots of water. And anyone can say, going for a second approach is not worth it if you want to save water in daily life.

Position sprinklers properly

One of the disadvantages of using a sprinkler is that it spreads the water everywhere around. In most places, people don’t properly set sprinklers and this leads to greater loss of groundwater. 

Therefore, position your sprinkler in such a way that it sprinkles the water at the places where it is really needed. 


Implementing small-small changes in life to save at least a little amount of water is not hard. And these habits are the simplest and easiest that don’t require you to make great efforts.

And if you are successful in adopting it you will not only save this conserve water resource but also save lots of money. Yes, you heard me right. You will save lots of money.

Treat saving water as your responsibility and convey this message from one generation to the next generation. So that they can understand the importance of saving these valuable resources.

Lastly, don’t go and try to change the habits of the other people around, be the change, just imagine how much water you can potentially save each day.

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